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Arunkumar Gunasekaran – LLM Maritime Law 2010

Arunkumar Gunasekaran

I joined UCL Laws in 2009, graduating with a LLM in 2010. My degree specialism was in Maritime Law - I was born and grew up most of my life in coastal towns, which naturally created an affiliation to the sea and beach. When I wanted to specialise in a particular area of law, I found Maritime Law being less explored by lawyers and has comparatively limited lawyers specialised in it. This led me to an interest in doing a Masters in Maritime Law.

My boss and mentor in Singapore advised me to choose UCL against other universities I was considering, his reason being that I would meet students from different countries. This would expand my network and the way of thinking compared to other universities which may not be as diverse as UCL - he was right!

I was the President of the UCL Postgraduate Law Society for the academic year 2009-2010. I wanted to run because when I first moved to London for my masters, I didn’t know anyone. So I started a Facebook group for the 2009-2010 LLM cohort, and organised a catch up a day before the course officially started. It was amazing to see 27 students there, which led to me organising another get together the following week, which had around 80 students in attendance. This expanded my friends circle in London and I didn’t feel lonely in London anymore.

Being the President of the Postgraduate Law Society helped me connect better with my fellow LLM students and we had a really memorable year together. The most rewarding part was drafting a constitution for the society, with the help of my committee members – before that, the society had no proper constitution or structure. I also established a LLM Debate Club and LLM Football Club - my vision was to ensure everyone enjoyed and felt included during their time at UCL, and I could proudly say that I achieved it to a great extent.

After graduating, I worked in a law firm in Singapore for 5 years. Due to personal reasons, I relocated to Spain and my existing clients were wondering whom to approach after I left. One of my clients suggested I should continue advising him even if I am in Spain, which led to me establishing my virtual law firm, ARJE LAW. The virtual aspect gives the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime, while still maintaining the personalised service clients receive.

My advice for current UCL Laws students is that this period which you will never experience twice - ensure you make lasting friendships with your classmates and cherish each moment at UCL.