UCL Faculty of Laws


John Britton

You studied both the LLB and LLM at UCL Laws. What encouraged you to stay at UCL Laws after completing your undergraduate degree?

I chose to study at UCL Laws for my LLB degree, and went on to complete my LLM in Intellectual Property Law in 1999. I really enjoyed studying the LLB, but found the time flew by. The terms were relatively short and life was very busy, which encouraged me to stay on at UCL Laws for my postgraduate study. The LLM was an opportunity to focus on research and study over a 12 month period and investigate the riches of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies library outside of the maelstrom of undergraduate life. 

Why did you decide to specialise in Intellectual Property? 

During my undergraduate studies, I particularly enjoyed the media law module and thought an LLM in Intellectual Property, with component subjects of IP, IT law and telecoms/competition, would be an interesting mix of commercial and business concepts in a relatively new field of law at the time. 

How did studying in London enhance your learning experience?

Studying Law in London - the heart of the legal profession with its proximity to the courts and law firms - was a huge draw for me. Being an inexperienced undergraduate can make following the commercial or personal situations analysed in case law difficult at times: living in a major cosmopolitan and commercial city like London helps develop life experience and bring some of the case law to life. 

What have you gone on to do since graduating? 

Since graduating, I have moved to New York and I’m now a partner at Milbank in New York City - specialising in complex financing transactions and restructurings.