UCL Faculty of Laws


Greg Chew

What encouraged you to study at UCL Laws?

I graduated in 1998 with an LLB from UCL Laws. I was especially interested in the Faculty’s reputation and location.

What is your fondest memory of your time here? 

My best memory would be winning arguments on the principles of law in seminars against the then Vice-Dean!

What have you gone on to do since graduating? 

Since graduating, I trained at the bar, became an asset manager, developed a unitary trading platform for 84 markets and then started all over again with QPQ. This involved patenting smart legal contracts as the key to digitalisation.

How did studying at UCL Laws help you in your career?

UCL Laws provided a good basis for my skill and knowledge set. Given that I am one of the inventors of a process that converts operative documents - contracts, legislation, regulation - into operative, governing code that will be one of the keys to digitalisation and true automation of administrative process, it’s fair to say that this was a very strong grounding in principles.

 You can view my LinkedIn profile here.