UCL Faculty of Laws


Camille Giraudo

Why did you choose to study at UCL Laws?  

I chose to study at UCL Faculty of Laws because of its reputation, values and because it was in London.

What is your fondest memory of your time here? 

One of my best memories of UCL Laws is that it gave me the opportunity to improve my studying skills and way of learning. Before coming to UCL Laws, my studying approach was to memorise facts and figures rather than allowing myself to reflect, criticise and understand other intellectual or cultural point of views. After a few months at UCL Laws, I found myself learning in a different way and acquiring a unique knowledge. I was finally understanding law as a living, interesting thing.

Can you tell us about your career path since graduating?  

After graduating in 2004 (Aix-en-Provence Law Faculty and LLB/ Erasmus Programme at UCL Laws), I chose to pursue my studies in Management and Finance as I was passionate in learning about project management at international level; an interest I discovered during my role as VP for ELSA (The European Law Students’ Association).

I went to Shanghai for three years, working for Saint-Gobain French Industry, doing internal control in a production site. I then did some consulting work for the Economic Services of the French Embassy in China, helping French SME’s to penetrate the Chinese Market in Shanghai. It was an amazing and enriching experience, from which I reached a good level of Chinese language skills, still operational today.

Back in Paris, I worked for four years as a consultant for Kurt Salmon (Part of Accenture Strategy) in the industry and energy practice. This job gave me a solid understanding of processes and business transformation.

You changed your career path and decided to work in the creative industry. What is your current role?

After a solo 6-months wild road trip in Asia, I worked for Daimler AG in financial risks, but I had the wish to find a more creative professional path.

Therefore, in 2011 I joined Tulipes & Co, a Paris-based agency specialised in high value-added corporate communication films and digital media. Since then, the agency has doubled its size. We are going international with a 45 countries network, assisting our clients in the digital transformation.

I want to thank the Faculty and say that I’m very proud of being part of UCL Laws Alumni!