UCL Faculty of Laws


Belinda Solomon

What encouraged you to pursue a degree at UCL Laws? 

I graduated from UCL Laws’ undergraduate programme in 1985. I selected this programme because of the programme’s excellent training and reputation as well as its excellent location. This would mean that when I was in the job market, I would have an advantage over those studying at less prestigious institutions.

What is one of your highlights of studying at UCL Laws?  

Although I have many great memories from my time there, one of my best memories is an hysterically funny, hour-long lecture on R v Collins delivered by Professor Ian Dennis. The reason why I remember that lecture is that the story and point of law on which the whole burglary case hinged, were so funny. Spending a whole hour on that one case ensured I never forgot it! I will also remember forever our Law Society annual dinner where the guest of honour was Lord Denning. I was on the committee and will always be grateful for the fact that I was able to spend time with him. 

How do you think studying at UCL Laws helped you in your career?  

Since graduating, I’ve gone on to become a commercial property Solicitor and Partner at a firm in London. The reputation of the university meant that it opened doors for me at some of the best property firms in the country.

What advice would you give to current students at UCL? 

For anyone currently undertaking the programme, I’d advise you that Law is amongst the best subjects you could hope to study. Don’t waste it! A law degree from UCL is a valuable asset.