UK's HEC Materials Chemistry Consortium

3rd Conference

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Local Conference Organisers Matt and Arun


External Panel and Invited Speakers

Volker Blum (Duke University, USA)

Julian Gale (Curtin University, Perth, Australia)

Carla Molteni (Kings College London, UK)

Stewart Clark (Durham University, UK)

Misbah Sarwar (Johnson Matthey)

Matthew Hutchings (SeeQC)

Current MCC Committee Members

Richard Catlow (Chairman)

Ben Slater (Surfaces and Interfaces)

John Harding (Environment)

Nic Harrison (Energy Generation)

Saiful Islam (Energy Storage)

Jamieson Christie (Biomaterials)

Graeme Day (Soft Matter)

Alex Shluger (Nanostructures and Defects)

David Willock (Reactivity)

Scott Woodley (Manager)

New MCC Committee Members

Richard Catlow and David Willock (Reactivity and Catalysis)

John Harding and Nic Harrison (Enviromental and Smart Materials)

Saiful Islam and Dorothy Duffy (Energy Generation, Storage and Transport)

Ben Slater and Matthew Watkins (Fundamentals of Surfaces and Interfaces)

Alex Shluger and Keith McKenna (Fundamentals of Bulk Materials)

Graeme Day and Kim Jelfs (Materials Discovery)

Jamieson Christie and Chris Lorenz (Biomaterials and Soft Matter)

Roy Johnston and Scott Woodley (Fundamentals of Low Dimensional Materials)

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