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Celebrating 20 years of the JDI

Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2021, we share research and videos showcasing how far we’ve come as an institute.

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Throughout 2021, this page was updated regularly with news, research, stories and facts about the institute. We showcased our expertise and acheivements and highlighted how we tackle various areas. Click on the links below to jump to relevant sections:

JDI tackles Future Crime

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The work of our Dawes Centre for Future Crime has generated worldwide media coverage (including a recent spot on BBC's Countryfile programme!) over the past year. Our 'policy briefings’ condense the results of our research into short documents that quickly summarise the work. The briefings are prepared with the help of colleagues in the UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP). The following briefings can be downloaded from our website. 

Internet-of-ingestible-things: Why now? 

Meet Mariam Elgabry, co founder and director of medtech startup enteromics, but also a UCL PhD researcher between the Dawes Centre and the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering (ACBE).

She is on a mission to build secure smart pills for smart health and is leading the very first Internet-of-Ingestible-ThingsTM  hackathon that BRINGS cybersecurity experts and  medical device regulatory bodies, to think about cyber-bio-security at design stage of medical devices and to inform policy for these smart gut-sensing pills.Her work was been recognized and published by the UK Parliament Joint Committee on National Security.

Watch the video and join Mariam in her vision for prioritising responsible health tech for a more “bio-savvy” public that demands for secure solutions!

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Other research and publications 

As part of our COVID-19 Special Series papers, our Dawes Centre for #FutureCrime researcher Mariam Elgabry looked at what we think might happen within bio crime.

 JDI tackles Public Trust

The Institute for Global City Policing (IGCP) is an independent centre based at the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, funded and managed in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC).

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JDI tackles Extremism 

In 2012 the JDI established the counter-terrorism research group. Working with practitioner agencies we conduct research on terrorist behaviour, focusing on the situational qualities of every stage. We focus on the settings in which radicalisation takes place, asking not “who and why”, but “who and where”. We examine the antecedent behaviours of these individuals to identify observable and detectable behavioural indicators.

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JDI tackles Forensic Science

The UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences is an interdisciplinary initiative with members across the university and industry. We aim to create real world impact in the forensic sciences through our research and teaching, and by collaborating with practitioners, policy makers and others.

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