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Institute for Global City Policing

The Institute for Global City Policing (IGCP) is an independent centre based at the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, funded and managed in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). 

Policing 'Global Cities'

Global cities are centres of social, economic and political influence. Major conurbations such as London, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Tokyo are highly integrated into the world economy, maintain heavy concentrations of financial, cultural and other forms of capital, host centres of political power, and are home to some of the best educational, legal, medical and entertainment facilities in the world.

Issues of crime and disorder in global cities bring into sharp focus the challenges facing all police in the 21st Century. Community safety and local policing are essential to maintaining their status and influence; yet at the other extreme international events often have major implications. Particular policing challenges faced by global cities include reducing harm and vulnerability, financial crime, cybercrime, terrorism, and public confidence, community cohesion and public order.

What the Institute will do

  1. Conduct research focussed on policing practice and generating 'real life' learning. The IGCP will have formalised and long term access to the MPS and MOPAC, and be able to: 

    • Access crime and policing data 
    • Research policing delivery/activity 
    • Trial innovative approaches 
    • Conduct experimental research within the MPS and across the wider criminal justice system
  2. Enable the mutual exchange of information and knowledge between academia and policing services via the network of London universities, including contributing to police training and professional development.
  3. Provide postgraduate and professional practitioner fellowships in policing.

    Recent Events

    Our recent seminar on Getting Policing Right (held at UCL on 4th June 2018) was sold out - thank you to all of those who attended. If you were unable to attend, or you wish to revisit the material, we have provided a recording of the seminar here.

    Further Details

    The IGCP came into existence on 1st September 2017, and will be developing its first work plan over the course of 2017/18. For further details on the IGCP, its work and potential partnerships, please contact j.jules@ucl.ac.uk