Information Services Division


About the UPI system

The UPI system manages the allocation of UPIs and the transfer of accurate person data between systems. The Services System is a key component of UPI as it's the tool by which departments can record details of their visitors, allocate a UPI to them and then request UCL services for them, whether that's an ID card, a computer account, library access or a phone line.

The data is used in a number of ways as listed below:

About UPIHow UPI data is used


UPI as a data key

The UCL Directory

(contact details for staff, students & visitors)


Information about Statuses

The Directory Self-Service system

(the place to change your directory preferences)


Information about Associations


Access groups




Mailing lists
 Computer Reps and Account Help tools



Finding the UPI for people in your department

The simplest way to lookup and find the UPI for a person currently at UCL is to log into the UCL Directory. Search for the person, then click the Login option on the search results page. The UPI will appear for each person in the search results list.