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ChemBioOffice Ultra Installation Instructions

The software is on a UCL wide site licence, but you must register on an individual basis to download and use the software. If your computer requires administrator permission to install, then please contact the computer unit for help having first registered with CambridgeSoft by following the instructions below.

The licence allows up to three installations (three separate activations) on separate computers including those used off-site belonging to the same individual.

You must register with your UCL email address, associated with one of the following email domains:

“pharmacy.ac.uk”, “live.pharmacy.ac.uk”, “ucl.ac.uk” or “live.ucl.ac.uk”

Individual users can download the software via this link:

When the page appears (you must be on the page with the UCL logo), enter your email address and submit.

When the next page appears ‘click’ on the “continue” button.

For UCL issues please contact us, and for School of Pharmacy issues please contact Colin James.

On the next page, enter your email address and then you MUST REGISTER (using the “Register” button):

Please fill in the following online form that appears (and then ‘click’ the “Register” button).


  • Having created a password here, remember it!
  • Under organisation, we are listed as University College London.
  • You must enter your registered email address.

Now, return to: PerkinElmer Informatics | ChemDraw/ChemOffice Subscription Gallery (or follow the link given in the email).

Enter your registered email in the box labelled “Site Licence Verification” and ‘click’ “submit”. An email will be sent to you showing your serial number (don’t lose this, you will need it later to activate your software and possibly in the future!).

The email will contain further information about accessing the various databases.

You will arrive at the following screen to download software (make sure you download appropriate version i.e. there is a Mac version for ChemBioDraw only).

If you are upgrading an older version, we recommend the removal of the old version first.

The software can be downloaded for home or office use, but each usage requires activation (you need the serial number for this). You can only activate the software three times (after which, a special request is needed).

For more details regarding activation, please follow the link below:

For Research/Teaching labs use please contact us. Only staff can use this method.

The installation is quite straightforward, but if you are really stuck setting up the software, please contact us.

Please refer to documentation regarding usage.

The software should prove useful for research and teaching. It is available to all students and staff. For an idea of what the software can do, please visit (but don’t download from this page):

To login to your account, once registered, go to: PerkinElmer Informatics | ChemDraw/ChemOffice Subscription Gallery

Follow the options on the right of the page; e.g “My Downloads” will show your serial number.