Information Services Division


Interaction and collaboration

Courses provided by ISD Digital Skills Development to support interaction and collaboration.

The list below includes courses aimed at increasing interaction and collaboration with and between students in an educational context and also to support staff in a professional context.  It includes tools used for polling and surveys.  We also have a session on managing your digital profile.

Microsoft Teams

DSD: Microsoft Teams Introduction (Prerequisite Course for Advanced Workshops)

DSD: Microsoft Teams Workshop 1: Beyond Basics Overview

DSD: Microsoft Teams Workshop 2: Managing & Participating in Meetings

DSD: Microsoft Teams Workshop 3: Document Management and Collaboration

Survey tools

New! DSD: Software for success: Survey tools

DSD: Mentimeter: for Continuous Module Dialogue

DSD: Microsoft Forms Demo

DSD: Microsoft Teams Workshop 4: Forms Polling in Channels, Chats and Meetings

DSD: Introduction to REDCap for research (demo and Q&A)

Other opportunities

DSD: Online social interaction platforms

DSD: Use online whiteboards to encourage student interaction

DSD: OneDrive for sharing files

DSD: Managing your digital profile and social media presence

Further guidance

For more information about our course programme, how to book and how to prepare for your course, please visit our Course information page.

Additional resources

LinkedIn Learning has comprehensive resources on Microsoft Teams, Forms and OneDrive as well as many courses on managing your digital profile and social media presence including: