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Lecturecast for Staff

Lecturecast is an automated system for recording lectures and subsequently making them available via the web. Lecturecast is the service name for the UCL installation of the Echo360 system.

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What Lecturecast can do

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Desktop recording (EchoCapture Personal)

Lecturecast help, support and training

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What lecturecast can do

The Lecturecast system is designed primarily for the automated recording of the lectures - it does this well. Activities other than lectures, e.g. Panel Discussions, Conference proceedings etc., may or may not record well using the system - we do not recommend its use for events where production values need to be high; it's very important if you are considering a recording of this type that you review the detailed FAQ and fully understand the limitations of the system in this context.

Note: currently the booking of special captures - e.g out of hours events, conference proceedings etc will not be supported.
Given the potential for recording failure, we strongly advise that lecturers make clear to students the system should not be relied on as a replacement for lecture attendance.

What does the system capture?

The system captures all material that is sent to the room's projector from any connected device (e.g PowerPoint slides from an attached laptop, hand written notes or objects held under a visualiser); audio is captured from the room's microphone system via a lapel microphone and video of the presentation area (i.e the lecturer or presenter) is captured via a small fixed position camera.

Example of a streamed lecturecast

Example of a streamed lecturecast

Example of a streamed website

Fig. 1 Example of a streamed lecturecast with kind permission of Dr Andrea Townsend-Nicholson

How to book a recording

  • You should allow a minimum of 3 working days for the booking to be processed. Most bookings are automatically created on the system, but in some instances this won't be possible and the booking will automatically revert to a manual process.
  • It is essential that the space in which the recording is to take place has already been booked and confirmed. (See the location list)
  • Only those with Lecturecast instructor rights for a given module can edit/publish/view a module's recordings within the system's administration web pages. Users of the system can request instructor rights after completing the introductory lecturecast training.
  • If a guest presenter will be recorded, they will need to sign a disclaimer form [PDF]. (Completed forms are to be kept with the department)

If this is the first time you've used the Lecturecast system we strongly recommend taking a few minutes to read the Lecturecast FAQs.

If you have any other questions about Lecturecast please email Digital Education on digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk

The Automation of booking is in its first phase of development currently bookings may be made but not amended - please ensure that the details you enter in the booking form are correct before you submit them.

Please note, between 7th-28th August 2017, no bookings will be scheduled due to the upgrade of the system.  No recordings will be scheduled between this dates, although recorded content will remain available for viewing.

Book your recording

Desktop recording (EchoCapture Personal)

EchoCapture Personal software is available to any UCL academic staff with an existing account on the Lecturecast service at UCL.

The software allows a personal computer/laptop to be used as a recording device to capture anything that is happening on the computer screen along with an audio commentary and optionally a 'talking head' recorded via a webcam. Once recordings have been uploaded to the Echo System Server (ESS) they can, like recordings made in LC equipped theatre spaces, be made available as streamed and downloadable versions.

If you don't already have an account on the Lecturecast system but would like to try desktop recording using Echo capture software, you can apply for an account and test module to be set up.


  • If you don't have at least one module, test or otherwise, on the Lecturecast system, the link that allows you to download the latest personal capture software will not be available to you when you log in to Lecturecast.
  • In order to publish content into live modules staff need to complete either a face-to-face or on-line training in the use of the Lecturecast system.

Lecturecast help, support and training

If you have any other questions about Lecturecast please email Digital Education at digi-ed[at]ucl.ac.uk.