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UCL Sponsored Connections Service Definition


This document has been drawn up to describe the service provided to those organisations which connect to JANET (the UK Joint Academic Network) as a sponsored connection hosted by UCL. The document is a written aid to support a clear outline of the service described.

Purpose of Service

The service is used to connect a third-party organisation's network to JANET via UCL. Various additional value added services are available as outlined in Section 5.

Eligibility for Service

The service is available to organisations in accordance with provisions set out in the JANET Eligibility Policy. Eligibility to connect in relation to an organisation’s function, purpose or “mission” is covered by the annex to the connection policy. Typically, a connecting organisation should be able to demonstrate common interest with the teaching, learning or research objectives of UCL, or the Higher Education community in general.

Detailed Service Description

The sponsored organisation’s network is connected directly to the UCL network, and thereby to the London MAN, JANET, and the Internet. The technical details of the connection to UCL are a function of the location of the sponsored organisation, the availability of circuits from the public carriers if appropriate, and the bandwidth and application service requirements of the third party. In every case the active network equipment supporting the connection is managed exclusively by UCL. In addition to basic JANET connectivity, a number of services are offered by UCL and can be optionally subscribed to by the connecting organisation. These are DNS (Domain Name Service) server provision, email relaying and anti-spam services, web hosting facilities, and an integral stateful firewall service where the active connection equipment supports this function. Some of these services are separately chargeable.

The DNS is a prerequisite for a sponsored connection. This service will normally be provided by UCL as part of the connection process, but may be delegated to the sponsored organisation if it is deemed competent to administer it.

Email relay service is optional and provides for the forwarding of mail via the UCL IS mail hub systems.

Web hosting is optional and provides for the hosting of a web site for the sponsored organisation on UCL IS web servers. This service is described separately in Service Definition CSD00143.

The firewall service is optional, and is available in those instances where the active network equipment chosen supports the facility.

Service Availability and Quality Expectations

The service is generally available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Occasionally weekend service shutdowns are arranged which affect all UCL services; these weekend shutdowns are agreed with senior College management and advance notice is given. Every effort is made to minimise the number of weekend shutdowns. Operator cover is from 8am to 7pm - Monday to Friday. All ISD systems, including network equipment providing a JANET sponsored connection, run unattended overnight and at weekends. If they fail, service may not be restored until the next working day.

Access to JANET/Internet services is via UCL’s own connections to the London Metropolitan Network (LMN). The LMN network is managed independently of the UCL network by a third party. Service availability and expectations are consistent with that provided by UCL.


All network and system problems are dealt with by Information Services Devision at UCL.

Queries relating to this service should be made to the IT Services or emailed to nwg-ops@ucl.ac.uk. Advice is not given on end user equipment connected to the sponsored organisation’s network.

Exclusions, Exceptions and Limitations

Subscription to the sponsored connection service does not of itself permit access to services hosted by UCL Information Services Devision, eg. the Unix timesharing or file system services, or Desktop @ UCL, unless explicitly agreed as part of the connection agreement. A single, courtesy timesharing account will however be provided if required. Where the sponsored organisation already has an Internet connection via another non- JANET provider, then host system IP addresses used for this connection are not appropriate for the JANET sponsored connection, whether or not the original connection arrangement is terminated. In order to connect to JANET, host IP addresses from the JANET IP block must be used. A suitable number of JANET IP addresses will be applied for as part of the connection process.

Service Change Requests

Service upgrades and changes are dealt with by a departmental service change request procedure internal to UCL. Subscribers are welcome to make requests on the understanding that resource availability and/or other UCL priorities could mean they are not guaranteed.

Requests for changes to hosted services (eg. DNS, web services, or firewall configuration changes) should be emailed to sponsored-support@ucl.ac.uk, and should normally be made at least two working days before they are required to take effect. All changes are made at the discretion of UCL. In particular, “emergency” changes to the DNS or a firewall configuration will be at the sole discretion of UCL and may be deferred if, for example, insufficient staff or system resources are available to effect the change, or if changes are deemed to be prejudicial to the sponsored connection service as a whole, or to any other UCL service.


There will be capital equipment and recurrent charges for this service. Equipment charges to establish the service include the cost of a circuit to connect the sponsored organisation to UCL, the cost of network connection equipment to be sited at the sponsored organisation, and the cost of a network service port at UCL. Recurrent costs include the sponsored connection licence (courtesy of JANET(UK)) and that for the maintenance of network connection equipment, and for those service components selected. Full details can be obtained by contacting the network administrator.

Service Conditions

An agreement is signed before service is taken up by the organisation to be connected. This indemnifies UCL for any loss or damage arising from the organisation's use of any of the networks to which it is connected.

Use of the JANET network by the sponsored organisation must be in accordance with the JANET Acceptable Use policy.

Where the sponsored organisation contracts to use UCL ISD services, use of these services is subject to UCL Computing Regulations.

In any case of misuse UCL reserves the right to suspend subscribers' use of the service if they contravene these regulations in any way.

Contact Details

The first point of contact for subscription to or enquiries about this service is the Network Administrator (networkadmin@ucl.ac.uk). The full postal address is Network Administrator, Information Services Division, UCL, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT