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UCL Student survey: Accessibility of UCL digital services

Please complete this short survey if you are a UCL student and are disabled or have a condition that means you experience barriers when accessing or using UCL digital services.

UCL is working to make our digital services more accessible. By completing this survey you will help us understand which are presenting the biggest challenges for disabled students at UCL.

Complete the survey


This is an anonymous survey, so you will not be asked to identify yourself. Your response will be viewed only by the Digital Accessibility project team. If your response risks identifying you then the relevant information will be removed.


  1. Please think about the various UCL digital services which you use in your life at UCL, and which of these present the greatest difficulties for you to access or use. These might be websites, virtual learning environments, booking systems, desktop or mobile applications, databases or collaboration tools. You may be using these in your learning, research, library usage, administration, UCL accommodation, communications or collaboration.
  2. Choose one or more services that have the biggest impact on you in your work at UCL.
  3. Complete the Digital Accessibility student survey. When you’ve finished answering for one service you will be able to repeat the survey for further services. You do this by clicking the ‘Submit another response’ button which appears at the end.
  4. If you would be happy to be interviewed or to take part in a small group discussion to explore the issues further then please email the Digital Accessibility project team.

Thank you for your responses which will help us make our key systems more accessible.