Information Services Division


GEN database downtime 15 January 8:00am - 16 January 8pm 2022

13 January 2022

We have scheduled the upgrade of the GEN database for Saturday 15 January 08:00 until Sunday 16 January 20:00. GEN underpins a large number of services across UCL (see below).

While the database is down, you might be unable to access the services. Please distribute this communication to users of the application/service that will be affected by the service outage. 

Why are we doing this work?

The version of Oracle, the underlying database management system we use, is out of support so we are moving to Oracle 19c which will provide us with the support from the supplier for security updates.

Known Impact?

GEN will be offline for the duration of the upgrade. This will mean that some applications will not be accessible during the weekend. 

The service affected are as follows:

  • Active Directory
  • AD Intranet Groups population
  • Audit admin schema
  • Business Objects
  • CDC / IBM infosphere
  • CMIS/Business Objects Reports
  • Computer Reps Tool
  • Computing Signup server
  • Directory Self Service
  • EDRM
  • Experts Management Systems forms
  • FindUPI application
  • HR/Business Objects Reports
  • MIM interface admin schema
  • MyAccount admin schema
  • MyAccount App
  • MyHR -  Interrogate/Add UPI function (mandatory) in New Starter workflow and Core Forms .
  • OpenLDAP/Unix accounts Sync
  • OUR App
  • PAR
  • RALIC -  Ralic
  • Records Office System (ROS)
  • Remedyforce
  • Research Software Dashboard service
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - CMIS
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - CMIS jobs
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - All CMIS interfaces
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - CMIS SITS integration
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - Timetable support
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - Online timetable
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - Arrangements sheets
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - Plasma display
  • Room Bookings and Timetabling - TT Support Admin/support
  • Senior Proms
  • Services System app
  • Services@UCL
  • UCL Directory
  • UPI
  • UPI admin
  • UPI Reports / RARM
  • User schema (UPI support)
  • WLS forms Admin screen

We apologise for the disruption this will cause. We have attempted to restrict the downtime as much as possible and for the upgrade to take place during a weekend to reduce the impact.

Please contact IT Services if you have any concerns.