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New and improved way of contacting the ISD IT Services

18 September 2018

Do you ever contact the ISD IT Services?

IT Services

You do? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that we now have a new, more efficient way for you to get in touch with us – the self-service portal.

Why is this better than picking up the phone or sending an email?

Using the portal is easier and quicker because:

  • You’re working directly with the team that will deliver your service, as your requests are sent directly to them. If you call or send an email, your first point of contact is with the IT Services who then refer the request to the relevant team.
  • The forms you use to submit your requests have been designed to ask for all the information that is needed; no more back and forth looking for more information.

We’ve piloted this with staff and students across the university and received positive feedback, so we’re now rolling this out for everyone to use.

Our aim is to ensure we respond and deliver services in a way that most people would recognise from their use of many of the major internet service providers. Any simple request will be delivered quickly, simply and without any fuss.

So, whether you need a new service, have a request for help, or need to report an incident, head to: UCL Self Service.

Do also check out our how-to guides so you can help yourselfThere are literally hundreds of how to guides covering all the services we deliver and if they don’t meet your needs then let us know via the feedback forms on each guide page.