Information Services Division


New admin interface for Research Data Storage Service users

5 October 2018

Last week we launched a new administration interface for the Research Data Storage Service. This allows you to make many changes to your projects without the need to email the RDS team, and to view your current storage details.

You can access the new interface at storageadmin.rd.ucl.ac.uk; though for now, you must be on the UCL network to access it. If you are not physically connected to the network or wirelessly using Eduroam, please connect to the UCL VPN.

Any member of UCL staff can register for the storage service. The online application form allows you to set up a new project and to specify the members of the project, that is the people who will be able to access the project data. Owners of project space also have the option to nominate administrators who will be able to manage the project on their behalf. All members and administrators must have UCL accounts; the form allows you to search the UCL directory by name, email address or UCL username.

The new interface allows all project members to view project details including current usage, quota and number of files.

The Principal Investigator and administrators can additionally edit project details:

  • add and remove members
  • add and remove administrators
  • change the project title and description
  • enter grants that fund the project
  • request changes to end date and storage volume (these requests will be referred to Research Data Services support)

Please note that the new administration interface DOES NOT affect how you access your data.

We’ve tested the new interface, but do let us know if you have any difficulties with it or spot anything odd by writing to our usual support address: researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk.