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A new way to find available study space on the UCL Go app

17 April 2018


UCL students can now locate available study space at the click of a button thanks to a new feature on the UCL Go! app.

Randomly searching campus for a free desk is a thing of the past for UCL students who can now access real-time information about desk availability from their mobile devices.  

The Study Space Availability feature on the UCL Go! app uses data captured by new technology recently introduced across campus.  

Small devices have been placed under desks throughout UCL Library Services' study spaces. The devices use infra-red technology to detect if a desk is available or in use.  This information is then displayed directly on the Library website and via the UCL Go! app. The devices do not collect any personal data and cannot identify individuals. 

UCL Go! is an application for students to access UCL University and Union information directly from their mobile devices.  This includes access to key information such as online timetables, library Services, campus maps and UCL news. 

Knowing which UCL Library has the greatest availability will enable our students to make an informed decision about which direction to head in - saving them valuable time and wasted journeys.

How to use the Study Space Availability function

Simply download the UCL Go! app, click on the Study Space Availability icon.  

This new functionality works in a similar way to the PC Availability tool letting students know the total number of desks alongside how many are currently available in each Library. 

The initiative has been welcomed by the Students Union, as Sarah Al-Aride, Education Officer, explains: 

"Being able to find a space instantaneously using the UCL Go! app is a development highly welcomed by the Students' Union and which will be especially useful for students during the busy exam period when finding a study space can be tiresome and time consuming. No more searching every floor of the library to find a seat!"

Similar technology is also being rolled out across UCL's teaching spaces to ensure we're getting the most out of our highly utilised teaching space. 

If you have any questions please email the Space Availability project team.