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IT for IOE Media Services

IT for IOE Media Services provide services ranging from filming events and lectures, streaming of events, editing and the transfer of media, through to USB duplication and video conference facilities.

The team also offer a wide range of loan equipment for IOE staff and students, including video cameras, DSLR’s, projectors, audio recorders and PA systems.

A loan service provides teaching aides for all lectures taking place within the IOE, including webcams, headphones, laptops and various dongles and adapters to get most laptops connected to most projectors.

The Media Services team can be found on ( Level 3 Floor - Wing 3 - W3.03).

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Opening Hours for Media Services Desk (Level 3 Floor - Wing 3 - W3.03)
 Opening Time
Monday – Friday09:00 am - 17:00 pm

When our level 3 (Wing3 - W3.03) counter is closed loan equipment can be returned to the main IOE Library Desk (level 4).

Overdue items are fined, so contact us if you have any difficulty in returning equipment. Please be aware that our equipment loans are not covered by insurance, therefore you are liable for the cost of replacement in the event of loss, damage or theft. We do not authorise our loan equipment to be used by non IOE staff or students and can only issue one digital item per person. We are also able to offer Mac computer editing and media file transfer facilities for students and staff, bookable by email or at our Media Services Desk.

For Staff We Offer the Following Services
  • Video Filming (lecture, small discussion group, interview etc.).
  • Video Editing (top and tail, titling, still image inclusion, etc.).
  • Video Streaming (video/audio file upload, media delivered via a link from our streaming server).

If you have your own video material which you would like to appear on your Moodle course page, please deliver the file to us for upload to the Institute's streaming server, we will then place a link to the video onto your Moodle page.

  • Video Conference (to other venue dedicated equipment, or JVCS software enabled computers).
  • Media file format conversions (video/audio tape/file to other formats).
  • USB Duplication .

These services (except video streaming and VHS transfer to mp4) are subject to a charge on your budget code.

IOE Loan Equipment Services
Media Services Team

The Media service number is 06700 (internal) and we all monitor the Media Services Mailbox.

You can visit our Moodle page (access for UCL Staff & Students only) for equipment guides and FAQ's, along with an up to date list of our current loan items.

Video Loans services for IOE Staff & Students

Loans services for IOE Staff & Students

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