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Teaching Spaces at IOE FAQs

The IT for IOE AV team provide teaching room support for ~80 centrally bookable spaces within the IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society, along with general AV support for the local departments within the IOE.  We can also provide dedicated technical support for conferences and events.  Working closely with the Conference Office the team support over 150 external events per year. 

UCL staff and students can now make use of IOE’s learning and teaching spaces. ISD is working with the faculty to provide IT facilities within the IOE spaces but there are some limitations which you should be aware of.

When is technical support available?

Technical support is available 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday.  Outside of these times, a support ticket is generated and the AV team will look into the problem when they are back on-site.  If you need to extend these supported times, or need weekend support, please email IOE.AVSupport and we can discuss your requirements.

Who should I contact for technical support whilst using IOE teaching spaces?
  • If you are experiencing problems with the AV during a session, please use the speed dial button on the phone (situated on the lectern) to call for AV Support.
Where are these teaching spaces located?

The venues are being used:

Further Information about  facilities spaces at the IOE:

Learning & Teaching Room & Spaces at UCL:

 Location map of IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Which teaching spaces are available to UCL staff/students at IOE?

Please use the following link to access the complete list of all UCL Teaching spaces. (All IOE spaces will start with the prefix IOE)

These rooms are a mix of lecture theatres, classrooms and computer workrooms.

How do I book a teaching space at IOE?

Teaching events have been allocated to the IOE space as part of the annual academic timetabling process. Any available slots will then be offered as alternatives, should requested UCL rooms be unavailable.

The Space is currently available to be booked by UCL Institute of Education staff only.  IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society students cannot book The Space, although they can use it if supervised by a member of UCL IOE staff.  The Space is currently not available to be booked by external groups, but if you would like to express an interest in future bookings, please contact Cally Moraitis (Psychology and Human Development administrator).

The table lists all UCL's centrally-bookable rooms.

To check availability and request a booking, please search for bookable space.

Lecture Theatre have fixed seating, Classrooms have movable furniture, Public Cluster have desktop PCs.

Please make sure, when booking teaching spaces at the IOE and you require a specific AV setup to contact the IT for IOE team with the date, time, room number and specific requirements.

What audio visual equipment is provided in these spaces?

An example of a teaching station used in IOE's teaching rooms:

AV Control Panel Teaching Rooms…

All lecterns have

  • A touch panel (for system control)
  • A resident PC
  • Comfort monitor
  • Auxiliary leads for connecting laptops (usually HDMI and VGA)
  • Document camera/visualiser
  • Lecturecast facilities (usually rooms with a capacity of 20+)
  • Voice reinforcement (usually rooms with a capacity of 50+)
  • Some lecterns may also have DVD/Blu-Ray Players
  • Some lecterns may have a wireless BYOD gateway (WePresent/ClickShare).
Can I connect to the internet?

All IOE’s teaching spaces use eduroam wireless networking which works in the same way as it does at UCL. If your laptop or device already connects to eduroam at UCL then it should connect straight away. If you have not yet connected your device to eduroam, you should connect it to eduroam using your UCL credentials when promoted. You can find more about connecting to eduroam on our Getting Connected pages.

You cannot connect to the wired network at IOE.

What do I do if the application I require is not available on Desktop @ UCL Anywhere?

In the first instance, you can request to have the software made available by calling the ISD IT Services or completing the Software Application Request form.

Who can I talk to regarding the teaching spaces at IOE?

Lecturecast at IOE

Lecturecast is a tool for scheduling and recording lectures held in IOE Teaching Spaces.  Recordings can be made available to students via their Moodle courses to support student learning.

Lecturecast provides a learning platform that goes beyond the simple recording and viewing of lectures, allowing staff to transform their content into an interactive experience and enabling students to engage further with content.

Create Lecturecast recordings in 3 easy steps:

  1. Schedule the recording of lectures timetabled in CMIS, using the Lecturecast Scheduler
  2. Make recordings available via your Moodle course using the Moodle Connector Block
  3. Edit and manage recordings using Lecturecast Active Learning Platform (ALP)
Which teaching spaces are equipped with Lecturecast facilities?

Centrally bookable spaces with a capacity of 20+ should have lecturecast facilities, currently these include:


# of People


Clarke Hall50/70Classroom/Theatre
Committee Room 135/60Classroom/Theatre
Committee Room 225/35Classroom/Theatre
Drama Hall75/120Classroom/Theatre
Elvin Hall80/150Classroom/Theatre
Jeffery Hall120/300Classroom/Theatre
Logan Hall933Theatre
Nunn Hall50/100Classroom/Theatre
W3.0728Public Cluster
W3.0835Public Cluster
Who should I contact to schedule Lecturecast within the above teaching spaces?

Once a room booking has been confirmed, recordings can be scheduled directly via the Lecturecast booking page as with any UCL room.

More information and the booking form can be found at on the Lecturecast information page.

For more information on which teaching spaces support Lecturecast, please click here.