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UCL Blogs: Adding content for the first time

How add content for the first time

  1. From your blog Dashboard or blog view, click on + New tab to open the drop-down menu
  2. Select Post
  3. Type a title for the post
  4. Type your post into the input field
  5. The edit toolbar enables you to spell check, format your text and insert images and files.
  6. You can enter keywords known as Tags to help others to search for posts that are relevant to them in the Post Tags input field on the right of the screen. Tags need to be separated by a comma. Click Add to add the tags to your post.
  7. Once you have completed writing your post you can preview it to ensure it is correctly formatted. Click on Preview.
  8. Close your preview window and from your Dashboard click on Publish. This will make the post visible on your blog and to all Users on your blog.

If you are not ready to post to your blog click Save Draft to save your post for further editing.


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