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Purchasing software using SoftwareHub

How to purchase the software you need in a timely manner.

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Purchasing software

Fig.1 – Login screen
Fig.2 – UCL SoftwareHub home page
Fig.3 – Software catalogue
Fig.4 – Order cart
Fig.5 – Order cart with details required notification
Fig.6 - Computer name details
Fig.7 – Payment codes fields including, Organisation, Project, Task and Award codes
Fig.8 – Payment codes with fields completed correctly
Fig.9 – Terms and conditions with checkbox to agree
  1. Go to softwarehub.ucl.ac.uk
  2. Login with your UCL user ID and password (Fig.1) and click Sign in

  3. Once logged in you will see the UCL SoftwareHub home page (Fig.2)

  4. Click on Software to view available software
  5. Use the Search function (top left) to find software you would like to purchase. You can view results in Gallery or List mode (Fig.3).

  6. Click Add to add software to your Order cart (Fig.4). If you need to add more than one licence you can change the quantity (up to a maximum of 5 items).
  7. Click Checkout to begin the purchasing process.

  8. Click View (Fig.5) on each item in the cart to provide required details.

  9. Ensure the Application user is correct. Click Clear to remove your details before changing it to the correct person.
  10. Provide a Desktop @ UCL computer name (field will auto-validate) or a Non Desktop @ UCL computer name (Fig.6)

    Please note: Provide only one computer name

  11. Add the Payment codes (Fig.7) Please wait for each code to validate before moving onto the next field.

    Please note: If you do not know your payment codes, speak to your local finance officer.

  12. A red Clear button will appear next to fields that are completed correctly (Fig.8)

  13. Read the terms and conditions and tick the box to agree (Fig.9)

  14. Click Submit

Reviewing the status of your request

Fig.10 – My requests with status blocks
  1. Click Manage and then My Requests.
  2. Click on a request to view the Request details.
  3. Hover over the blue status blocks (Fig.10) to see more information on the progress of your request.

  4. Once the Status has changed to Completed you will receive an email with information on how to obtain the requested software.
  5. Depending on the product requested, software will either be deployed to your Desktop @ UCL machine or you will be given download access on the Software Database. Otherwise we will need to purchase the software before releasing access.

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