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Forgotten User ID or Password

Forgotten your User ID?

Your user ID is automatically assigned to you and cannot be changed. It will remain the same even if you move departments or change your status (e.g. from student to staff).

If you forget your user ID, you can find out what it is using the MyAccount service. To do this you will need to know your UCL Person Identifier (UPI) and verify your date of birth.

Forgotten your password?

Have you already registered with MyAccount?

If you have registered your phone number with the MyAccount service, visit the MyAccount page and select the I have forgotten my password or it has expired option. You will need to confirm your user ID and the last 5 digits of your phone number, a code will then be sent to you allowing you to reset your password.

Not yet registered?

If you have not already registered your phone number, you will need to visit the IT Services in person with your UCL ID card. But...

Staff and Visitors

If you are off-site and unable to do this, first contact your Computer Rep who can arrange with the IT Services to register your phone number on your behalf.


If you are off-site and unable to do visit, contact the ISD IT Services who can arrange to verify your identity. You will need your student number and UPI and may be asked for other information to help identify yourself. Staff on the IT Services will then be able to register your details with MyAccount.

Other users:

Contact the IT Services in the first instance. They may require information about your association with UCL, including UPI, student number or other references.


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