Information Services Division


ISD Game Changers

ISD Game Changers is a positive community of colleagues who are interested in changing and improving how ISD works. It is open to everyone in ISD at all levels. You don't need to ask your manager to join the group.

ISD Game Changers is about:

  • Supporting and coaching to make work better for you and the team you work in
  • Supporting your development as someone who makes change happen
  • A space to create practical ideas for improving the way ISD works – in particular where members of the group can experiment with working in new ways and report on the benefits
  • Telling stories about things we are doing things differently
  • Exploring Empowerment – how can we help everyone to take risks and try new ideas without asking for permission?
  • Clearing blockers or things that are getting in the way
  • Harnessing Agile ways of working and the opportunities it brings
  • Bringing the capability families to life and helping them to be really useful

More information is available on the ISD Game Changer SharePoint site.