Information Services Division


About ISD

Information Services Division (ISD) is the primary provider of IT services to UCL. We work with all parts of the university – academic, research and professional and support services.
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Working in ISD

Find out more about working in UCL's IT services department, the benefits available and our staff stories about why they chose UCL.

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Gartner - the premium IT research database

UCL staff and students are able to use Gartner Campus Access. Gartner is the leading provider of research and analysis on the global IT industry.

Who we are

Information about our organisational structure and Leadership team.

What we do

An introduction to our services.

Change and Digital Portfolio

Since 2020 we have been modernising how we deliver change at UCL. We have adopted a portfolio approach to delivering and supporting both technical and non-technical change.

IT Service Management

ISD uses a standard recognised framework for IT service management called ITIL.

Discover Gartner - world class IT research and advice

UCL staff and students now have access to Gartner online resources. Gartner provide a broad range of valuable IT related research, analysis and opinion which can be used to inform and enhance planning, decision making and measurement needs.

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