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Women in Vision UK

The Women in Vision UK (WVUK) network has been set up to promote connections between women working in all fields related to Vision, to foster collaborations and mentoring, and overall increase our female profile.

Women in Vision UK

Our network is aimed broadly to all women working in and around vision, from basic research to clinical practice.

We hope to use the network as a dynamic and lively tool to promote contacts and disseminate information and support tools, particularly for early career researchers. One key action is the generation of a list of female speakers, which will become openly available on this website for seminars and conference organisers, as a support to work towards ensuring equal gender representation.

We also hope in the future to engage patient advocates, the public and our next generation of vision pioneers. 

Get involved

ARVO 2018: Sarah Coupland (ARVO Vice president) would like to set up a Women in Vision UK table at the ARVO Women in Eye And Vision Reseach (WEAVR) luncheon, which this year will feature Dr Emily Chew (ARVO immediate past president), as the keynote lecturer. It takes place on May 1st between 1:30pm-3pm. The price is $65 as a member of ARVO, and the monies go to the ARVO Foundation, who then uses the generated funds for Travel Awards for female clinicians/scientists.. Please contact Sarah (s.e.coupland@liverpool.ac.uk) if you would like to participate.

Volunteer to get the network started:

  • Webpage content / management (needs to be a UCL person, due to server access)
  • Mentoring coordinator
  • ARVO meeting subgroup organiser
  • Coordinating links with other societies
  • Coordinating links with Journals/Editors
  • Coordinating Regional meeting coordinators
  • Social media / media in general
  • General help / support
  • Finances (sponsorship)
  • Wikipedia
  • Awards listing and nominations

We are also looking for suggestions on the following:

  • How will the committee work? (ie meeting frequency, where, how)
  • What support would people like from the network?
  • How should we communicate and how often?
  • What should the network look like / have achieved in 12 months - 5 years?

Please contact Maryse (m.bailly@ucl.ac.uk) if you would like to get involved


Find out more about our founding members

Email forum

If you would like to be signed up to the Women in Vision UK email list (womeninvisionuk@ucl.ac.uk) to receive information and updates, please contact Maryse (m.bailly@ucl.ac.uk).