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Ethics applications: IOE staff

Information for applications reviewed by the IOE Research Ethics Committee.

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The ethics application form and guidelines below should be used for all UCL Institute of Education staff and visiting external researchers. Staff Research Ethics contact - ioe.researchethics@ucl.ac.uk

Staff Ethics Guidance

All research activities involving living human participants and the collection and/or study of data derived from living human participants require ethical approval. Alleged misconduct in any area of research including failure to obtain appropriate ethical approval will be subject to UCL's Procedure for Investigating and Resolving Allegations of Misconduct in Academic Research.

Informed consent guidance

It is expected that informed consent will be gained from all participants in research. The IOE Research Ethics Committee will request to see information sheets and consent forms when you submit your application. If you do not intend to use these documents then this will need to be addressed in your ethics application.

The links below give templates and further guidance for an information sheet and consent form suitable for adult participants and meeting GDPR regulations. It is good practice to have these on two separate documents. It should be noted that these are guidelines only; these documents need to be suitable for the audience that you are giving them to. An information sheet designed for research with children, for instance, will look quite different to the sort of information sheet you would give to professionals who you are interviewing.

Staff Ethics Application Form

Risk assessment

All ethics applications should cover a risk assessment of the research. Researchers need to include an outline of the risk assessment in Section 8 of the ethics form. You may find it helpful to use the IOE's risk assessment template and you can include this together with your ethics application. However, completion of the risk assessment form in addition to the ethics application is not mandatory.

Projects previously approved by external institutions

For those seeking IOE approval for a project that previously received ethical approval elsewhere, please submit the ethics form and all documents supplied to the external research institution to ioe.researchethics@ucl.ac.uk, including a copy of the approval letter issued by the external research ethics committee.

Amendments to approved projects

For those who are seeking amendments to projects previously approved by the IOE Research Ethics Committee, there will be a triage system (to establish whether it needs to be reviewed by the Chair of the Committee or whether it requires a full ethics review, in which case a new application may need to be submitted). Please contact ioe.researchethics@ucl.ac.uk with details of the nature of the amendments required, quoting the title of the original project, the year of approval and where possible, the REC reference number recorded on the original approval letter.

GDPR-compliant exemplars for guidance

The consent forms and participant information sheets should be used as exemplars only. Researchers are expected to develop their own forms and information sheets as appropriate for their research and not reproduce or copy the examples as templates.

All information sheets developed for research must also include a link to the UCL general research participant privacy notice.

For questions about information sheets:

Upload and submit ethics review applications on UCL Moodle

For first time Moodle users, please contact ioe.researchethics@ucl.ac.uk