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Careers in civil service | Academia et al: S02E02

19 June 2023

In this episode, we talk about what it's like to work for the Office for National Statistics and the differences between life in academia and life outside of it.

James Robards, Academia et al S02E02. image permission: James Robards.

Dr James Robards, Head of Populations and Household Projections at the ONS Centre for Ageing and Demography

Dr Alina Pelikh is joined by James Robards to talk about applying for jobs once you make a decision to change careers and the different factors that may influence that decision, including workload, logistics and responsibilities.

James talks about the differences between working in a research setting and in the civil service, and discusses how his interest in UK demography led him to working with and later for the ONS.

He also shares the importance of finding a mentor to guide you along your early career path.

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