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Uncovering neuromyths and neurodevelopmental disorders | RFTRW: S13E02

7 February 2022

Research into developmental disorders such as Williams and Down's Syndromes sounds niche, but aids understanding of how learning happens in general, thus improving education for all. We hear about work to uncover neuromyths, and how to make maths learning less daunting.

Dr Jo Van Herwegen on neuromyths and neurodevelopmental disorders

Jo Van Herwegen
Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology

Dr Laura Outhwaite speaks to Dr Jo Van Herwegen about how Jo's research into special educational needs draws on evidence from developmental psychology, education and neuroscience. We learn about the Neurosense awareness campaign which is tackling myths about brain developmental disorders that educators can inadvertently endorse.

The pair have been working together to study mathematical development which led to the creation of the Maths@Home app, which supports parents to make maths fun at home.

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