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Harnessing evidence to tackle health issues | RFTRW: S13E03

14 February 2022

Keeping on top of emerging research evidence can be tough - that's where research synthesis and the work of the Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre comes into play.

James Thomas and David Gough in IOE Podcast season 13

James Thomas
Professor Social Research and Policy

David Gough
Professor of Evidence Informed Policy and Practice

Dr Laura Outhwaite chats to Professor David Gough to learn about research synthesis to look beyond individual study findings in order to respond to the bigger picture, and a new frontier: why research is - or isn't - used in practice and decision-making.

And in what's become an infodemic as well as a pandemic, Professor James Thomas has been working on a living map of systematic reviews to help researchers and policy makers keep up to date with huge volumes of shifting Covid-19 evidence.

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