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A brief history of IOE’s Department of Psychology and Human Development

21 February 2022

This podcast – a conversation with a member of the department over several decades, Emeritus Professor Peter Blatchford – maps the growth of the Department in the 1980s.

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Using Peter’s many landmark studies, it outlines the evolution of PHD and the kind of research that sits behind its focus now on the types of issue identified by the other podcasts in the series.

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Professor Andrew Tolmie

Andrew is a developmental psychologist and Chair of Psychology and Human Development. Much of his work has addressed educationally-relevant topics and settings, with an emphasis on primary school science, but also on the acquisition of road-crossing skills among children, and on the growth of conversational skills. He is Deputy Director of the IOE/UCL/Birkbeck Centre for Educational Neuroscience. View Professor Tolmie's research profile.

Peter Blatchford, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Education

Peter Blatchford, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Education. Peter joined the IOE in 1981, retiring in 2021. His main area of interest is social developmental processes in school settings. He has published 18 books and over 100 peer reviewed papers and book chapters, covering class size differences, the deployment and impact of teaching assistants, group work in classrooms, and social life in schools, including peer relations and school breaktimes. View Peter Blatchford's research profile.

See Peter Blatchford's publications: