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Book inspired by former IOE Director’s work published

2 April 2020

A new book inspired by the work of former Institute of Education (IOE) Director Professor Geoff Whitty has been published by UCL Press.

Geoff Whitty

Professor Whitty was Director at the IOE from 2000 – 2011, before the organisation merged with UCL. He is considered one of the foremost sociologists of education of his generation.

The new book contains essays inspired by Professor Whitty’s work, covering the themes of knowledge, policy and practice in education.

The chapters explore the changing nature of education policy under neoliberalism and globalization, and how teachers’ workplaces and professionalism were reshaped. Whitty’s work on quality and impact in educational research is also covered.

Another chapter focuses on Professor Whitty’s work to bring educating about HIV/AIDS into the mainstream, in an inhospitable climate in the 1980s.

Other topics by former colleagues and educationalists further examine the worlds of education policy and practice inspired by Whitty’s work.

The essays look at the sociology of education and the scholarly community of which it was part. They also examine what the facets of education policy, practice and research continue to reveal and challenge in pursuit of social justice. As well as celebrating Whitty’s academic work, they also celebrate him as a friend and a colleague and highlight the continued relevance of his contribution to those seeking to promote fairer and more inclusive education systems.

Geoff Whitty passed away in July 2018. A few weeks prior to his passing, the IOE held an event in honour of Geoff, to mark his 50-year association with the IOE.