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The spiralling life of Sámi children

29 May 2024, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

Balancing a ball on water. Credit: Muye Feng, UCL Mechanical Engineering. UCL Doctoral School, Research Images as Art Competition entry 2014-2015

Join this event to hear Ylva Jannok Nutti and Viktor Magne Johansson discuss the role of the spiral in an ethnographic narrative involving Sámi children visiting a mountain gathering place.

This event is free.

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Yuxin Su

The speakers will highlight the relationality underscored by Indigenous scholars like Jo-Ann Archibald, Margaret Kovach, Rauna Kuokkanen, Shawn Wilson, and Sámi poet Inga Ravna Eira.

Emphasising the concrete significance of the spiral and whirl in Sámi activities and Indigenous philosophies, they reinterpret Cavell and Wittgenstein's concepts within this context, suggesting a philosophy of education aligned with life itself. It extends Cavell's ideas on otherness, exploring the implications of relationships between "we," "I," and "you" when Land is considered a primary form of relation.

This online event will be particularly useful for those interested in decolonisation of education, indigenous education, and the philosophical thoughts of Wittgenstein and Cavell.

To register for this seminar, please email stnvysu@ucl.ac.uk.

PESGB seminar series

This event is part of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (PESGB) seminar series. PESGB is a learned society that promotes the study, teaching and application of philosophy of education. Its London Branch hosts seminars every Wednesday in conjunction with the Centre for Philosophy of Education. These seminars are led by national and international scholars in the field, covering a wide range of issues of educational and philosophical concern.

All are welcome to attend.

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About the Speakers

Ylva Jannok Nutti

Associate Professor of Pedagogy at Sami Teacher Education at Sámi University of Applied Sciences / Sámi allaskuvla, Kautokeino, Norway

She works on Sámi pedagogy, decolonisation of Indigenous education, transformation of Sámi schooling, and Sámi traditional knowledge and Landbased Education.

Viktor Magne Johansson

Professor of Education Nord University, Norway and Associate Professor of Pedagogy at Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden

He works on philosophy of education, children’s philosophies and existential questions, children’s literature, and intercultural and Indigenous early childhood education.