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Can biosocial criminology enhance crime prevention strategies and help the youth justice system?

29 February 2024, 4:45 pm–6:15 pm

A diverse group of young people standing together. Image: Monstera via Pexels

Join this event to hear Amy Ludlow and Evelyn Svingen discuss the role of biosocial criminology in crime prevention and the youth justice system.

This event is free.

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UCL Centre for Education and Criminal Justice

The speakers will discuss how the research findings of biosocial criminology can inform crime prevention strategies and policies, as well as how biosocial criminology can help the youth justice system.

This event will be particularly useful for researchers, policymakers, educators, students and those interested in education and criminology.

'Blue-Sky Thinking' Seminar Series on Education and Criminal Justice

The series aims to re-establish the Centre for Education and Criminal Justice as the knowledge exchange hub for practitioners, policymakers and researchers to collaborate on collecting, improving, and disseminating the best and most promising evidence and practice in the field and internationally. It gives researchers and practitioners a space to discuss the 'blue-sky thinking' in education and criminal justice that is much needed in the current system.

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About the Speakers

Dr Amy Ludlow

Researcher and educator

Her work has been especially leading in the field of prison reform and especially in questions of cultural improvement and prison education.

Dr Evelyn Svingen

Assistant Professor in Criminology

Her interests are in the biosocial mechanisms of the etiology of crime.