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Subject tutor feedback on student writing: Communicating qualities of ‘writtenness’

18 April 2024, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

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Join this event to hear Lena Grannell explore subject tutors' approaches to feedback on student writing and the role writing developers can play in making expectations of student writing explicit.

This event is free.

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Academic Writing Seminar Series

In this talk, Lena will draw on empirical data to explore subject tutors’ approaches to feedback on student writing. She will start from the premise that writing is highly valued across academic disciplines, as evidenced by its inclusion in assignment-specific criteria and the frequency of subject tutor comments on student writing.

She will challenge the notion that a deficit discourse frames subject tutor feedback and highlight the qualities that subject tutors appear to value in student writing, in particular, clarity. She will discuss how writing developers can use their expertise to investigate subject tutors’ own understanding of these concepts and how we can help them communicate these expectations to their students. She will also discuss how writing developers can support students to better understand these expectations.

This online event will be particularly useful for those interested in writing development, academic writing support and EAP.

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About the Speaker

Dr Lena Grannell

Lecturer at Academic Writing Centre, IOE

She leads IOE’s pre-sessional courses. She has over 20 years experience in adult education working as a teacher in Spain, Venezuela and Hong Kong, and as a teacher trainer in Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, India and Bangladesh.

She is also a BALEAP Accreditation Scheme Assessor of EAP programmes across the UK.

More about Dr Lena Grannell