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Starting young: How does education shape criminal justice?

01 March 2023, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

A close-up shot of a police car's lights with police officers in the background. Image credit: fotosr52 via Adobe Stock.

Join this event to hear speakers from the research and charity sectors discuss how young children in the UK are criminalised and its subsequent impact on their futures.

This event is free.

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Centre for Education and Criminal Justice

What impact does formal punishment have on antisocial conduct? Does it deter or promote it?

A long line of research indicates punishment has the opposite-of-intended consequence of promoting future misbehavior. Deterrence-based hypotheses support the notion that punishment reduces future misbehavior. So, which is it?

Drawing on a nationally representative sample of British adolescent twins from the Environmental Risk (E-Risk) Longitudinal Twin Study, the pattern of findings suggests that contact with the justice system promotes delinquency. 

Children in residential care are disproportionately criminalised compared to other children. The Howard League’s work in this area has seen tangible success and won a Children and Young People Now. This part of the seminar explains how the charity went about tackling a seemingly intractable problem with a mixture of research, lobbying, practitioner guidance, and campaigning in the media.

This event will be particularly useful for researchers, students, and teachers.

'Blue-Sky Thinking' Seminar Series on Education and Criminal Justice

This seminar is the fifth in this series.

The series aims to re-establish the Centre for Education and Criminal Justice as the knowledge exchange hub for practitioners, policymakers and researchers to collaborate on collecting, improving, and disseminating the best and most promising evidence and practice in the field and internationally. It gives researchers and practitioners a space to discuss the 'blue-sky thinking' in education and criminal justice that is much needed in the current system.

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About the Speakers

Ryan Motz

Research Associate at the University of Cincinnati Center for Police Research and Policy

He engages in research that fits within the life-course perspective in criminology. His research centers on exploring the causes and consequences of antisocial behavior and involvement with the juvenile and criminal justice systems. 

Andrew Neilson

Director of Campaigns at Howard League

He leads on the charity’s policy, public affairs and communications.