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The quest for desistance: Implementing educational programmes for inmates

07 June 2023, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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Join this event to hear Olga Solomontos-Kountouri and Maria Petridou explore the implementation of educational programs for young inmates which means to enhance their identity and enable healthy social bonds.

This event is free.

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Centre for Education and Criminal Justice

In this event, Olga and Maria will discuss the results of studies evaluating the effectiveness of prison education programmes to answer the following question: What types of prison education programmes are most effective in developing the necessary skills, characteristics, and attitudes of young prisoners for reintegration into society post-release?

They will also consider the protective role of prison psychoeducation in inmates’ well-being, employability, reintegration and crime desistance.

This online event will be particularly useful for researchers and those interested in psychology, human development, criminal justice reform and education.

'Blue-Sky Thinking' Seminar Series on Education and Criminal Justice

The series aims to re-establish the Centre for Education and Criminal Justice as the knowledge exchange hub for practitioners, policymakers and researchers to collaborate on collecting, improving, and disseminating the best and most promising evidence and practice in the field and internationally. It gives researchers and practitioners a space to discuss the 'blue-sky thinking' in education and criminal justice that is much needed in the current system.

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About the Speakers

Professor Olga Solomontos-Kountouri

Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus

More about Professor Olga Solomontos-Kountouri

Dr. Maria Petridou

Clinical Psychologist and member of the Board of Directors at the Cyprus Psychological Association

Her research interests focus on the study of neuropsychobiological factors associated with the development of anxiety, delinquent, antisocial behaviour, and empathy in children, adolescents and adults.

Professor Jane Hurry (Chair)

More about Professor Jane Hurry (Chair)