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The efficacy of nudge-like information-provision outreach intervention

31 March 2022, 3:00 pm–4:00 pm

Tutor giving student guidance. Mary Hinkley/UCL.

Join this webinar to hear Sonia Ilie discuss the results of a series of randomised controlled trials looking at higher education application behaviours.

This event is free.

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At this webinar, Sonia will report the results of two of the trials show no meaningful impact on application behaviour of these light-touch interventions carried out in the context of a larger in-school and in-college outreach programme.

She will also present the results of a third trial testing a similar intervention aimed at improving knowledge of post-16 educational options were compromised by outcome data collection issues but provide insights as to the challenges of integrating multi-purpose data collection efforts. 

In addition, the speaker will explain that with the results set in the context of an ever growing body of recent research, they casts doubt on the potential of nudge-style interventions to provide meaningful impact on higher education access – and raises further questions about the role of information provision in the higher education outreach space. 

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in education.

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About the Speaker

Sonia Ilie

Assistant Professor at Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Her research focuses on higher education access inequalities and works to build evidence around interventions that improve learning and education progression opportunities.