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Exploring critical design and making with children

14 December 2022, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm

Primary school children sat at desks writing in their exercise books

Join this event to hear Netta Livari discuss research addressing the problem of bullying in collaboration with children through critical design and making.

This event is free.

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Kate Gilchrist

Critical design and making have received increasing interest within design research and human computer interaction research communities during recent years, while there is a lot of variety within them. 

In this talk, Netta will elaborate on this variety as well as offer insights on how the research carried out critical design and making with children in practice. 

The experiences are derived from a research project in which we have addressed the problem of bullying in collaboration with children through critical design and making. The research explored approaches such as design fiction, design activism and theatre of the oppressed in collaboration with children in the design process. Insights on the process and outcomes are provided.

This event will be particularly useful for researchers, students and teachers.

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About the Speaker

Professor Netta Livari

Professor in Information Systems at University of Oulu

Her long lasting research interest concerns understanding and strengthening people's participation in shaping and making their digital futures. Her research has focused on empowering children through design and making. Recently, she has been exploring the potential of critical design and making in collaboration with children. Her research is strongly influenced by interpretive and critical research traditions. She has a specific interest in the development and utilisation of culture and discourse-oriented lenses as well as in the examination and support of transdisciplinary research and design.