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Mapping out early year environments in Low-to-Middle-Income Countries: a collaborative journey

23 November 2021, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Children in Indonesia sitting together. Image: Yannis H via Unsplash

In this webinar, Dr Jessica Massonnie will discuss the standard protocol that she's developed in collaboration with researchers and educational experts from India, Indonesia and Senegal, for comparing early years learning environments across countries.

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By presenting her research and professional development journey, Dr Massonnie aims to encourage discussions about project development and collaboration between early career researchers, the UCL community and external partners.

Jessica's work was supported by the IOE Early Career Impact Fellowship as a supplement to the Action Against Stunting research project, a 4-year research project funded by UKRI. The fellowship allowed her to engage in five bespoke training sessions about impact, and to mobilise additional funding. 

With this budget, an infographic was designed summarising the key factors and indicators used to map out early years environments. This infographic, which was reviewed by three NGOs, aims to facilitate knowledge exchange between researchers, policy makers, and NGO representatives, and to to support the methodological development of research and impact studies. It will be launched for the first time in this webinar.

This is particularly important because, for many early career researchers, applying for funding to conduct their own research can be a daunting experience. Yet with the right support and collaboration, it can turn into a creative professional development journey.

This event will be particularly useful for early career researchers.

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Dr Jessica Massonnie

Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Psychology and Human Development and Department of Learning and Leadership, UCL Institute of Education (IOE)

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