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VIRTUAL EVENT: Class rank and long-run outcomes

24 June 2021, 3:00 pm–4:00 pm

Secondary school students walking through a corridor. Photo by Phil Meech for IOE.

What are the long-run effects of a student’s ordinal rank in elementary school?

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Katie Rychliski

In this webinar, Dr Richard Murphy from the University of Texas will discuss his paper which considers an unavoidable feature of the school environment, class rank. 

He will also discuss the necessary assumptions for the identification of rank effects and propose new solutions to identification challenges.

Using administrative data on all public-school students in Texas, Richard's paper show that students with a higher third-grade academic rank, conditional on achievement and classroom fixed effects, have higher subsequent test scores, are more likely to take AP classes, graduate from high school, enroll in and graduate from college, and ultimately have higher earnings 19 years later. 

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Image: Phil Meech for UCL Institute of Education

About the Speaker

Dr Richard Murphy

at University of Texas

Richard studies the economics of education. He has researched the presence of mobile phones on student achievement, students' academic rank on later outcomes, and the consequences of an increasing number of international students attending universities.

Richard is currently investigating the impact of college financial aid on student performance and completion rates, and peer-to-peer learning among teachers.