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Educational technologies in mathematics education

A new approach to mathematics and data education.

    ​​​​​​The Educational Technologies in Mathematics Education project is funded by the Royal Society, and was commissioned as part of the funder’s Mathematical Futures programme.

    The Mathematical Futures programme was launched in February 2020 and seeks to answer two core questions:

    • What mathematical competencies will be needed by citizens to thrive in the future?
    • How should education systems develop these mathematical competences?


    • To classify different educational technologies for teaching mathematics, learning mathematics, and doing mathematics;
    • to make recommendations for which technologies should be adopted into mainstream education, as well as providing suggestions for how they should be successfully integrated.

    The research will contribute to a new vision of mathematics education that will equip future citizens with the capabilities, skills, adaptability, and resilience they need to thrive in a world where mathematics and data play increasingly important roles in everyone’s lives.

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