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Practitioner wellbeing and the physical environment in early childhood education and care settings

This research project investigates the relationship between practitioner wellbeing in early childhood education and care services and the built environment.

We know that wellbeing is vital for children's learning and development, and that the relationship between children and adults is critical for their learning.

But we do not know what role staff wellbeing plays in shaping their practice. Neither do we know what role the indoor and outdoor physical environment plays in shaping practitioner wellbeing. Very little research on this topic has taken place.

Researchers from the Social Research Institute and the Bartlett Global Centre for Learning Environments have been collaborating to investigate this. The research has been supported in 2020 by an IOE International Award. 

The project started in February 2020.


So far, the project has consisted of a literature review and an international webinar bringing together expertise from across the globe. We are now planning the next phase of work. 


Principal Investigator