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Higher education in conflict resolution and peacebuilding

A research and capacity building project involving IOE and the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS), University of Hargeisa.

Peacebuilding project landscape

Aim of the project

The aim is to develop a higher education course on Education, Conflict and Peacebuilding through broad consultations with stakeholders, literature reviews and empirical research in the Somali region.

The course will have a specific focus on understanding the role of education in production and prevention of socio-political tensions and developing skills for conflict resolution and peacebuilding. It aims to provide a critical understanding of the interactions between education and conflict in Somali society and promote conflict sensitive approaches to learning.


Dr Tejendra Pherali - Project Director
Mr Nasir M. Ali - Project Coordinator (IPCS)
Dr Alexandra Lewis - Researcher


Workshop: Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development Workshop

IOE and University of Hargeisa
Ambassador Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland
June 2016


Identify key aims, curricular contents and pedagogy for an academic course on education, conflict and peacebuilding.


The workshop was inaugurated by Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Yusuf Osman Abdi who, together with Dr. Mohamoud Muse, the President of the University of Hargeisa delivered an opening speech. They both emphasised the importance of education in the process of peace making and peace building.

Dr Tejendra Pherali introduced the project and presented a brief IOE background.


Curriculum Development workshop participants

This two day event brought together educationists, political leaders, youth, university academics, community leaders, NGO, practitioners, teachers and education officers who contributed to discussions about the role of higher education in Somali society and shared their views about how the University of Hargeisa could support peace and development through its academic programmes and civic engagement.


The workshop had the following consecutive sessions:

  • Peace and development in Somaliland: the role of higher education (Nasir M. Ali)
  • Presentation of findings from field study on education, conflict and peace building (Nasir M. Ali and Mohamed Isak)
  • Group discussion (facilitated by Dr Tejendra Pherali).


The workshop broadly informed the technical process of identifying specific learning outcomes and skills, course syllabus and methods of assessment.

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Workshop: Education, Peace and Development in Somali Society

President and Vice-President of the University of Hargeisa

20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL
May 2016


Create a space for an interdisciplinary dialogue on education, peace and development in Somali region. It was particularly aimed at supporting higher education in Somaliland with a specific focus on postgraduate studies in the field of education, conflict and peacebuilding. Main points:

  • Establishing links between Somali-focused researchers for education and peacebuilding.
  • Identifying a key research agenda to inform policies and development discourse.
  • Proposing a multi-sectoral literature review on democracy, development and peace.
  • Developing a research programme: priorities for research capacity development in Somali contexts.

The afternoon discussion primarily concentrated on the following questions:

  • What research gaps exist in your field of research in Somali studies?
  • How might we best bring together our research interests in a multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary research agenda?
  • What avenues are there for joint research and development for us?
  • How can we help to develop research capacities in Somali universities and institutions?


The workshop included a presentation of initial findings obtained through a review of literature on education and peacebuilding and field based research carried out by the University of Hargeisa.

It also included short papers by keynote speakers, including Dr Michael Walls who highlighted challenges and opportunities for democracy and development in Somaliland, and Dr Laura Hammond presented her reflections on gender dynamics in Somali society.

These papers including the ones from other speakers have been published on a Education and Conflict Review special issue .

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Education, Peace and Development in Somali Society: One day workshop - Part 1

Presentations by Tejendra Pherali, (Senior Lecturer in Education and International Development, IOE); Dr Alexandra Lewis (IOE); Nimo-Ilhan Ahmed Ali (SOAS); Sahra Mohamed (Academy for Peace and Development, Somaliland); Dr Laura Hammond (SOAS)

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Education, Peace and Development in Somali Society: One Day Workshop - Part 2

Presentations given by Dr Michael Walls (UCL Development Planning Unit) and Dr Idil Osman (University of Leicester) at UCL IOE, 20 May, 20

Education, Conflict and Peacebuilding - Somaliland

North-South higher education partnership for academic development and peace building

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A research and capacity development project led by Dr Tejendra Pherali, IOE. Researchers: Nasir M. Ali (Director, IPCS, University of Hargeisa), Dr Alexandra Lewis (IOE) and Mohammed Isak, IPCS.

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