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Grassroots Evaluation

This research project is an evaluation of a programme designed to empower socially influential pupils to reduce bullying in schools.

This project will run from February 2023 to January 2027 and is funded by Youth Endowment Fund and the Education Endowement Foundation.


Grassroots is an anti-conflict programme that aims to reduce bullying and conflict in schools by empowering well-connected pupils to positively impact their fellow pupils’ prosocial attitudes and behaviours.

The Youth Endowment Fund and Education Endowment Foundation have funded the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to develop Grassroots for schools in England and Wales. A team at IOE, led by Dr Becky Taylor has been commissioned as independent evaluators for the project.


BIT will carry out a survey in participating schools to identify the best-connected young people in years 7-9. Some of these young people will be invited to join 'seed groups', which will work with facilitators to lead anti-conflict activities in their schools. IOE will be evaluating the development and pilot of the Grassroots intervention for England and Wales in spring/summer 2023. 

IOE will then lead an efficacy trial to evaluate the impact of the intervention on pupil attendance, conflict/bullying, and disciplinary reports. The evaluation will have randomised controlled trial design and be accompanied by a mixed methods implementation and process evaluation.


Project lead