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Mine: 2023 Centre for Doctoral Education Student Poster Conference transcript

In March 2023, postgraduate students shared their doctoral research to colleagues and academics.

A photo of Mine in front of her research poster. Image credit: IOE Social Media.
Mine: Hi! My name is Mine. I'm a second year PhD student. I'm based at the Bartlett, but I'm doing a cross-disciplinary research between architecture and psychology. My primary supervisor is from the Bartlett, and my secondary supervisor is from the IOE.

My PhD research is about the influence of spatial configuration and spatial elements on children's play activities and game inventions. I'm interested in how children invent games and develop their games based on the spatial environment they have. And I'm trying to understand the relationship between these two. 

And since I'm an architect, I don't have this background needed to speak with children and engage with children in a school environment. So I needed guidance from someone who is more experienced on that subject. That's why I wanted another supervisor from the IOE, so my secondary supervisor Dr Ed Baines is based at Human Development and Psychology and he is helping me with this cross-disciplinary research. 

One of the great things of being at UCL is that I can make these collaborations between faculties. So even though I am based at the Bartlett, I can get help from the IOE and I can develop my research even further.