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Curriculum Making in Geography Education

The dialogic space offered by curriculum-making in the process of learning to teach, and the creation of a progressive knowledge-led curriculum. (Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education)

David Lambert Curriculum

29 January 2016


Through his intellectual leadership, and work with the Geographical Association, Professor David Lambert’s critique and conceptualisation of the geography curriculum has influenced not only geography’s place in the English National Curriculum, but also its form and structure. His work has also influenced how teachers are conceptualised as curriculum makers within the geography education community, building on the traditions of curriculum development within geography education and a call to professionalise how teachers are viewed. 


Curriculum making is the creative act of interpreting a curriculum specification and turning it into a coherent, challenging, engaging and enjoyable scheme of work, it is a job that really never ends and lies at the heart of good teaching. 


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There are three main ingredients in the curriculum making process. Teachers make it happen in the classroom by drawing from their knowledge of:
•    teaching approaches and specific teaching techniques
•    students and how they learn
•    the subject - geography - and what it is for 



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