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Equity, diversity and inclusion

The IOE is committed to action that will advance social justice.

A paint streak in the colours of the equity flag is in the centre of a photo of the IOE level 4 entrance and concourse. Students walk towards the entrance. On top of the paint streak are the words, #WeAreIOE. Image credit: IOE Communications.
Our mission is to improve lives through education and social research, and this lies at the heart of everything we do. Now a UCL faculty with more than 8,000 students and a research output that contributes significantly to addressing local and global challenges, the IOE’s work is guided by a concern for truth and social justice and by a mission to improve lives through education and social research. 
Our focus on social justice requires us to challenge ourselves with as much rigour and energy as we do the world around us. To achieve equity, inclusion and belonging for those who are not systematically privileged by our society, we must understand and address our own systems, attitudes and behaviours. We have a number of initiatives under way, of which more details below, but we know there is much more to do. As an educational organisation, we are committed to learning from our students, staff, alumni and partners, and I invite you to contribute your perspectives, ideas and contributions to this vital work.

Professor Martin Oliver  
Pro-Director, Academic Development, IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society 
Chair of the IOE Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee 

Our commitment to a positive cultural climate where all can flourish

We aim to acknowledge, understand, and tackle structural inequities and unjust social power imbalances that affect our communities across the institution. This means recognising how we got here and what needs to be done to ensure equity, inclusion and belonging for those who are not systemically privileged by our society.


Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion committee
  • Leads the implementation of UCL's Equalities and Diversity Strategic Objectives within the IOE
  • Develops specific equality and diversity objectives and actions for the IOE which reflect the nature of its work and workforce
  • Assesses effectiveness of relevant monitoring arrangements affecting the IOE
  • Identifies and promotes best practice across the IOE on equal opportunities issues, including the guidance and training needs of staff, and support for students and participants in Institute programmes.
Gender equality

The Athena SWAN charter recognises work undertaken by higher education institutions to address gender equality across a number of dimensions. In addition to institution-wide policies, the IOE is working to also identify and address challenges particular to the Institute. 

We are currently re-launching the self-assessment team of staff and students so that we can begin the process to apply for a Silver award, to recognise the work we are undertaking.

Some of our work


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