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Developing a Concept

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What can you do if the tutor says you need to 'develop this point' or 'develop this concept'?

Overall, to develop the point you need to help the reader to see other angles or aspects of this point.

Try adding the following information:

How to develop a concept

  • add another example
  • add a practical example ("To illustrate, ...")
  • add a counter-example (something which seems to contradict the point)
  • add some implications (e.g. "This can mean...", "The implications of this can be ...",)
  • add some consequences (e.g. "As a result, ...")
  • add a contrasting point, or a situation where the point may not be so relevant. This helps to outline the boundaries of the concept.
  • add another perspective (e.g. "From an xyz perspective, it could be considered that...")