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Past Events

4 July 2022–5 July 2022: Humanities and Resilience: Critical Perspectives
UCL-PUC Resilience Project. This event is based on three sessions revolving around resilience and the humanities.

8-9 November 2021: Resilience III 

    26-27 May 2021: Resilience II: An Interdisciplinary Workshop on Resilience Led by University College London and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago: Pandemics, Andean Hazards, Interdisciplinarity and the Humanities 

    22 July 2021: Roundtable on Resilience and the Humanities, part of the UCL Arts and Humanities Quo Vadis Conference (19-23 July 2021). Papers: ‘Nicolas Lema Habash’, ‘Resistance over Resilience’ (Sorbonne University); Camila Gatica Mizala, ‘Exile and Resilience: Reimagining Home Through Latin American Film, 1970-1990’ (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago); José Manuel Castro Torres (UCL), ‘People’s Resilience and Natural Disasters in Chilean History’;

    24-25 November 2020: Resilience I: Workshop on ‘Natural Hazards, Resources & Resilience: from Earth to People: UCL and Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

    Image: erupting geyser, photo by David Köhler on Unsplash